Recruitment features

Exclusive Suite of world class recruitment features help you in your talent hunt. SAAS based, affordable, recruitment software on subscription makes your hiring process fast and easy.

Why invest in bulky software when SAAS based Ubi Recruit is here?
Enhance your Company's image with a professional career page.
Create insightful applicant tracking reports quickly without any technical help.
Ubi Recruit is platform independent recruitment software - ready to use.
Be it a new job post, closing open positions or on boarding – get automated job alerts whenever a candidate applies
Discover the interplay of user ease & functionality.
Automatically publish all your job posts to social network like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
Select right Man power by eliminating the wrong choices through our hiring tool.
Through our powerful applicant tracking dashboards get quick graphical view of the applicants data at a glance.
Import job seekers data along with their resumes with just few clicks. Say good bye to tedious manual entry.
Create your own hiring email templates or adapt prebuilt mailer formats designed for efficient recruitment.
Identify the suitable applicant by applying filter criteria in our recruiting tool.
Customize your recruiting process with flexibility in mind. Create custom stages as per your hiring workflow.
Our powerful applicant tracking system stores each and every feedback given by HR Managers or Recruiters to the job applicants.
Sort job applicants and see data in the order you want and find the information quickly.

Search Resumes

Powerful intuitive search tool lets you search resumes in a flash.