Recruitment Software on Cloud

It’s Easy

Our Cloud based Recruiting Software is as easy to use as any run-of-the-mill website. Although there’s a help file located a click away for your reference, you’ll find rare use for it. That’s how intuitive, clean, and uncomplicated the web based Recruitment Software is. Get started without any complications and see results in no time!

It’s Portable

Our Cloud based recruitment solution is a platform independent, web based recruiting management software. Windows, Mac OS and Linux, what have you - it runs on every system. Log in from the comfort of your bed or from the sunny beaches of your dream vacation. Anytime. Anywhere. Anyhow.

It tracks Better

Track stage-by-stage recruiting progress by setting your hiring stages at the dashboard. Use the four default stages – New, Pending, Shortlisted, Selected - or customize them to better suit your hiring needs.

It’s Customizable

Form Fields: Save on storage with our configurable fields and types. Use only the fields relevant to your recruitment process – Job position, source, industry, etc. Do away with the unnecessary!