Automated Applicant Tracking

It Knows Your Job Seekers

Retain previous applicants information by importing all your talent data. Our Automated Applicant tracking system (ATS) or application allows you to import hundreds of records at once, saving you from the curse of manual data entry.

It’s Search friendly

Customize your Applicant reports based on desired criteria. Remove the clutter from your workspace by extracting only relevant data from thousands of records. Reporting and search of the talent pool has never been this efficient.

It Promotes Job vacancies

Promote your Job vacancies better. Filter your applicant resumes by location or functional area. Target collaboration with Job Seekers through mass newsletters and Job alert mailers. Promote your Job positions on the web with the career pages that use our automated applicant tracking system. We help you bring your A-game, always.

It’s Analyzes

Our programmed Applicant tracking software is equipped with top-notch analytics. From their location to their interests, we give you valuable insights on the Job seekers preferences. You decide - How do you plan to use this information to your advantage?

It’s Low-Maintenance

Maintenance is covered in the annual subscription you pay for our smart SAAS Recruitment software. All upgrades are automatic. Bugs — if any — are fixed free of charge. Our ATS allows you to focus solely on your work while we take care of all the rest.