Overview of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software)

Our latest product ubiRecruit – an Applicant tracking System (ATS Software) - has been designed to automate hiring process for independent recruiters, staffing agencies, Corporate, SME segment, Educational Institutes, Hospitals etc. ubiRecruit is a platform independent, web based recruitment software - ready to use. Our 24x7, recruiting tool on cloud streamlines the recruiting job by simplifying and automating the entire hiring process. From candidate identification and pre-screening to talent qualification and selection – our recruiting software has exclusive suite of world class features to help you in your talent hunt.

What sets our ATS apart from our Competitors

  1. Built in collaboration with expert recruiters and HR Managers all over the world.
  2. Boost your Company’s image with a professional looking careers page. Reduce company’s hiring time drastically.
  3. Cut down on your resource cost – software, hardware and manpower. Give the detailed job description on the website and save as much as 100% on advertising expenses
  4. Automatically publish all your job posts to social network like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  5. Select right by eliminating the wrong choices. Get the perfect resume from the pile without sweating
  6. Its powerful search feature helps shortlist candidates quickly and accurately.
  7. Say good bye to tedious manual entry. No more juggling between folders and documents. Immediate alerts
  8. Powerful dashboards and reporting at your disposal.
  9. Keep all the candidate information, collected from multiple sources at one place.

Some implementations of our ATS Software

Our online recruitment solution has been popular among Telecom giants to small IT start-ups. A few organizations where our ATS software has been integrated with their website career pages are:

  1. http://emeraldindustries.co.in/career.html
  2. http://kgtcommunications.com/careers-in-KGT.html
  3. http://oceantechnologiesinc.com/careers.html
  4. http://krishna-intl.com/careers.php

What does our Applicant Tracking System (ATS Software) do?

  • It communicates

    Every recruitment has unique communication needs. If the Applicant Tracking System Software’s pre-defined email templates are not suitable for the HR managers - Customize. Create your own. Save them for future use. Communicate better - communicate your way.

  • It’s Neat

    Relegate all your hiring related tasks to a single screen. Ensure increased productivity by consolidating all hiring information in a single place. Save time and avoid workspace clutter through our neat, simple Applicant Tracking system!

  • It’s Powerful

    Real time visibility of the status of Job applications. Quick view of revenue generated in graphical, numerical or tabular format. Spotting trends and patterns in hiring data. Making visual comparisons at all stages of the hiring pipeline. All this and so much more, all with the help of our comprehensive dashboard which is the heart of our application tracking system.

  • It Multitasks

    As any hiring personnel well knows, time is of primary consequence. We value your time and productivity above all else. Now change stages, and send mails on a single click with our applicant tracking system. Save time. Avoid cumbersome redundant effort.

What will you get when you buy our recruiting software

  • - Great looking Career Page to capture Candidate Information
  • - Customizable Theme
  • - World Class features
  • - Free Software Installation
  • - Free space for storing Candidate data
  • - Free Training
  • - Free Support for the year
  • - Free Bug fixes & Upgrade
  • - Regular Backup of Candidate data
  • - Integration support with HRM Software

Automate your hiring process

Our latest product ubiRecruit has been designed to make you Talent Rich and automate your hiring process. In a recruiting world that gets more competitive by the minute, candidate hiring requires a powerful automated hiring solution. Ubitech's revolutionary hiring software ubiRecruit dramatically speeds recruitment so your staff can focus on building relationships with clients and candidates. From posting your jobs to screening candidate profiles, ubiRecruit simplifies the entire recruitment process.

  • First Impressions Count:

    Enhance your careers page. Bring simplicity, speed and transparency to your recruitment processes. Improve candidate experience.

  • Quality not Quantity:

    HR Managers can increase their efficiency by identifying and fast-tracking those candidates who meet pre-defined hiring criteria.

  • Build your Talent Pipeline:

    Ensure that good candidates, who may not be right for a position today, are informed for a potential position tomorrow by sending them automated Job Alerts.

  • Reach Everywhere:

    Automatically publish all your job posts to social network like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Intensify your hunt.

How to automate your recruiting process

  1. Start with a professional looking careers page.
  2. Make a new job post with just a few clicks through UbiRecruit Software.
  3. Start hiring faster & better